The Amenity Direct Care Experience

You Deserve the Best Possible Care You Can Get

We help families, individuals and small businesses here in Rio Grande valley to have access to the most affordable and accessible healthcare in our region. Our services cover approximately 80% of your yearly healthcare needs without the need to trigger your deductible or copays if you have them. Our goal is wellness for each and every member to prevent long-term complications and achieve overall health. We’re available when you need us, where you need us and we already serve over 900 members.

At Amenity / Amenity Direct Care we ensure you receive the service that every member deserves! Our Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant are committed to serving you, our members and our community to ensure we provide the best care, that we respect your time, that we listen to your questions and make sure they are answered. You will not waste your time sitting in our waiting room because you will be seen on-time, every time.

Why Value Based Medicine?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a value-based membership program that works great with or without Insurance. It allows our members to control their rising medical costs and gain certainty and control while receiving excellent care.
By adopting the DPC model, our providers can spend the time they need to care for our patients and ensure patients are treated the way we would want our own family to be treated.

Do You Need Insurance?

Our practice is value based, which means you can use your insurance for most laboratory tests, medications, diagnostics, imaging and specialist appointments including any hospitalizations. For anything not covered by insurance we provide affordable discounts that often make sense even when you have insurance in order to avoid paying towards your deductible.
For those without insurance our membership offers an affordable option while they seek a health sharing or high-deductible catastrophic plan in the future.

Direct Primary Care Explained

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is value-based primary care that puts the needs of every patient first. This means you get better access to primary care and a more personal relationship with our primary care providers.
DPC brings medicine back to the way it used to be; focused on you and your healthcare needs. No more long wait times to speak with your provider for 8 minutes of your 15-minute appointment. You get your time back with relaxed, unhurried visits spending more time with your provider. This also means more time for your provider to get to know you and think about your care; even when you are not in the office.
Too good to be true? Nope, but… Shhhh… there’s a secret…

New kind of Primary Care with comprehensive visits and advanced testing.


We aim to provide quality, convenient, and accessible healthcare through a membership model that restores the connection between clinician and patient. While a fee for service clinic will house a panel size of 1500 patients per clinician, we cap our panel size at approximately 600 patients per clinician in order to better address concerns as they arise.
  • Mr. Menchaca is a blessing to this community as he really cares about the well being of his patients. I have never felt relaxed leaving a Doctors visit until I... Read more

    thumb Ernie Solis
    April 16, 2022

    I have been treated by both Mr. and Mrs. Menchaca and I loved it. They are so kind and understanding. I really enjoyed that there is little to no wait... Read more

    thumb Rebeca Vela
    December 19, 2021

    Amenity has truly set a standard when it comes to customer service and patient care. They pay attention to detail and demonstrate that our wellbeing is important. Our 14... Read more

    thumb Albert Anguiano
    December 18, 2021
  • We are very spoiled with Amenity Direct Care is what I love to say! We have been members for quite some time and even though we have BCBS with... Read more

    thumb Ashley Desiga
    December 18, 2021

    Staff is friendly and service is quick no long wait. I love how I was the only one in the office. I highly recommend!

    thumb Ashley Alvarez
    December 18, 2021

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